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The Applicant is responsible for all sign costs.

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Street Name Requests

When entering new street name, keep in mind:
  • Do NOT include USPS suffix types on the application (ex. AVE, ST, RD, CT, DR, LN, WAY, CIR, PL, TRL, etc.)
  • No more than 14 letters,15 if there is an ā€œiā€ in the name (spaces count as a character)
  • Special characters are NOT allowed (ex. ā€˜, ā€œ, `, ~, /, \, -, *, #, &, %, +)
  • Abbreviations for MOUNT (MT) and SAINT (ST) are NOT allowed
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If final recordation has not occurred within one (1) year, it is necessary to submit a written request for extension to the coordinator prior to the expiration date of the original approval request.

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