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Street Name Requests

For the purposes of Emergency Management, street names will be rejected if the street name already exists, appears similar, or sounds phonetically similar to an existing street name.
When entering new street name, keep in mind:
  • Do NOT include USPS suffix types on the application (ex. AVE, ST, RD, CT, DR, LN, WAY, CIR, PL, TRL, etc.)
  • No more than 14 letters, 15 if there is an “i” in the name (spaces count as a character)
  • Special characters are NOT allowed (ex. ‘, “, `, ~, /, \, -, *, #, &, %, +)
  • Abbreviations for MOUNT (MT) and SAINT (ST) are NOT allowed

If final recordation has not occurred within one (1) year, it is necessary to submit a written request for extension to the coordinator prior to the expiration date of the original approval request.

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